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Crime Beat

Sep 6, 2020

In this special episode of Crime Beat, you will meet Janine Madera, a fierce advocate for justice who works as a homicide prosecutor in the Orange County District Attorney's Office. She has tried 72 trials and won 57 convictions without hearing a word of testimony. Madera is deaf and operates in the courtroom...

Jan 16, 2020

The "Crime Beat" team offers insight into Season 2 at a Coast Conversation event, and we wrap the season with updates on what is going on with key people you met along the way.

Jan 9, 2020

Xavier Lopez gave a final statement that proved truth still wasn't part of his defense strategy.

Jan 1, 2020

You will hear the entire interview with Sam Lopez from the day Cathy Torrez's body was found.

Dec 25, 2019

Detective Daron Wyatt takes us on a tour of Placentia to show where and how Cathy's murder took place.