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Crime Beat

Oct 10, 2019

We meet Cathy Torrez, Mary Bennett and the people in their neighborhood. The last person we meet is Sam Lopez, who lives across the street.

About Season 2:

On Feb. 12, 1994, Cal State Fullerton honor student Cathy Torrez didn't come home after working the evening shift in the photo department at Sav-On. A week later, her body was discovered stabbed to death in the trunk of her own car.

“Crime Beat,” Season 2 focuses on Cathy's mother, Mary Bennett, and her extraordinary quest for justice. It took 21 years for Mary's wish to come true: The man who lived across the street was convicted of Cathy's murder.

In this season, we will take you behind the scenes of the investigation, playing old interviews from cassette tapes taken from the 1994 police archives, conducting new interviews with people involved in the case and reporting new stories that have never been published.